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Bedia Yuva Manch celebrated its third anniversary on January 28, 2024 at Sikidiri Football Ground


Jan 28, 2024

The Bedia Yuva Manch celebrated its third anniversary on January 28, 2024, with a grand event called Yuva Mahotsav-2024 held in Sikidiri, about 25 km from Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand. The event was a huge success, with various activities such as science exhibitions, general knowledge quizzes, art displays, painting competitions, speech contests, traditional singing and dancing, dramas, and yoga competitions. Additionally, a beautiful model of an indigenous village, a helicopter, and a model of Chandrayaan (the Indian lunar mission) were also showcased. Ten study centers and eight schools participated in this festival.

In this event people from different council like Bedia Vikash Parishad chairman Shankar Bedia, vice chancellor Jitnath Bedia, Devki Nandan Bedia, Lali bedia, Ruplal Bedia, Surendra Kumar Bedia, Ramdyal Bedia, Suresh Bedia, Ramdhan Bedia, Rajendra Bedia, Baleswar Bedia, Chamaru Bedia, Sikandar Bedia, Bhanu Devi, Anita Barla and many more intellectual people were present and witnessed a great event organized by Bedia Yuwa Manch.

Bedia Yuwa Manch Core Members of organizing committee :-

1. Dinesh Bedia

2. Lakhindra Bedia

3. Giridhari Manjhi

4. Ajay Kumar Manjhi

5. Charu Manjhi

6. Guhiram Manjhi Apart from this Some of the volunteers worked hard to make this event successful and impactful.

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