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About Us

Bedia Yuva Manch is an organised and dedicated forum of youths of Bedia tribes came into existence in the year 2021 and striving hard to address the striking problems of youth of the tribe mainly Education, Employment and Health.

   Bedia Yuva Manch is an amalgamation of  students,youths,teachers and working personals in Governments and private firms, all belong to the Bedia tribe, as they can  only identify and understand their own problems and solve them effectively much better than anybody else.

     The prime objective of the forum is to support very closely the youths, students and their teachers in the field of Education and alongside impart them  the values,confidence and self-esteem so that they can face the outside world. Our educational support is so oriented that they become competitive to get admission in better Government school/Colleges. A great emphasis and effort is towards preparing the youth for competitive examinations for their employment in Government sectors or Private.

    Thus the educational problem in Bedia tribe is multilayered and multidimensional and if no support is extended to them discontinuation in studies and dropouts are resulted in due to poverty,economical hardship,illiteracy and being forest dwellers away from the educational facilities and environment. As they cannot be separated from their cultural values and ethos , Bedia Yuva Manch is also promoting their arts and culture parallelly towards their all round development. An parallel effort been exercised by the Bedia Yuva Manch to nuture their Scientific temperaments as well.

      As far as Bedia is concerned , it is an aboriginal tribe of India resides mainly in Jharkhand and partially in Bengal, Bihar, Odisha and elsewhere in the country. The Bedia, as the other tribes are facing an existential crisis due to lack of education, poor health and poverty resulting in diminishing population. The backwardness is prevailing to such an extent and depth that they are failing to reap the benefits provisioned in the Constitution in form of reservation and other.

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Who are Bedia Tribe

At Bedia Yuwa Manch, we take pride in being problem solvers who are not afraid to take risks. We believe that with boldness, creativity and heart, there is nothing we can’t accomplish. But above all, our strength lies in teamwork. Each and every one of us has the capability to contribute no matter their experience or background. With this strength behind us, just imagine what we can achieve together.



E-mail address of Bedia Yuva Manch: To open an account for BYaM

Email address of the Core Members of Bedia Yuva Manch

  1. Dinesh Bedia

  2. Charu Bedia

  3. Lakhendra Bedia

  4. Ajay Kumar Manjhi

  5. Girdhari Manjhi :



 Bedia Yuva Manch neither has any resources nor posses any mechanism to generate funds for their ongoing programmes and activities, rather the  expenditures are met solely through contributions from members themselves. As per the plans, there are lot many requirements on ground, accordingly multiple activities are to be undertaken which may attract huge expenditure but Bedia Yuva Manch is in no position to meet such expenditures. Here, we urge all the philanthropists  of this of this Country  and rest of the Globe as well , to extend their support to such a noble initiatives for the primitive and tribal people who are original inhibitors of this land who are struggling hard to cope up with the present world in one hand and on the other hand continuing their fight for existence.

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