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Annual Event Celebrated 

The Bedia Yuva Manch celebrated its third anniversary on January 28, 2024, with a grand event called Yuva Mahotsav-2024 held in Sikidiri, about 25 km from Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand.
The event was a huge success, with various activities such as science exhibitions, general knowledge quizzes, art displays, painting competitions, speech contests, traditional singing and dancing, dramas, and yoga competitions. Additionally, a beautiful model of an indigenous village, a helicopter, and a model of Chandrayaan (the Indian lunar mission) were also showcased. Ten study centers and eight schools participated in this festival.

In this event people from different council like Bedia Vikash Parishad chairman Shankar Bedia, vice chancellor Jitnath Bedia, Devki Nandan Bedia, Lali bedia, Ruplal Bedia, Surendra Kumar Bedia, Ramdyal Bedia, Suresh Bedia, Ramdhan Bedia, Rajendra Bedia, Baleswar Bedia, Chamaru Bedia, Sikandar Bedia, Bhanu Devi, Anita Barla, Dinesh Manjhi, Lakshmikant Manjhi and many more intellectual people were present and witnessed a great event organized by Bedia Yuwa Manch.

Bedia Yuwa Manch Core Members of organizing committee:

1. Dinesh Bedia

2. Lakhindra Bedia

3. Giridhari Manjhi

4. Ajay Kumar Manjhi

5. Charu Manjhi

6. Guhiram Manjhi

Apart from this Some of the volunteers worked hard to make this event successful and impactful. Names are in Alphabetical order.

Aghnu Bediya

Ajay Bedia

Anup Kumar Bedia

Arun Kumar Bediya

Balraj Bedia

Chandan Bediya

Chirag Bediya

Diesh Bedia

Hemla Kumari

Maniram Bediya

Mano Kumari

Pankaj Kumar Bedia

Parmeshwar Bedia

Punam Kumari

Raj Bedia

Ramnath Bediya

Rakhi Kumari

Rashmi Kumari

Reena Kumari

Rijhu Bediya

Rinku Bediya

Sandeepak Bedia

Sanju Kumari

Shushma Kumari

Sistidhar Manjhi

Sneha Kumari

Sonali Kumari

Suman Kumari

Sumitra Kumari

Tilka Bediya

Vicky Bedia
and many more ....


Please check-out photos in Gallery Section

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-28 at 10.46.20 PM.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2024-01-29 at 4.47.20 PM.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2024-01-28 at 10.46.18 PM.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2024-01-29 at 12.36.32 PM.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2024-01-28 at 10.46.23 PM (1).jpeg

The Bedia Yuva Manch is celebrated its 2nd anniversary on 29th January 2023  in the form of Yuva Mahotsav-2023  organised at Sikidiri,  25 km from Ranchi capital of Jharkhand. There were Science exibitions  and also exhibition on  tribal Arts and Cultural in form of Paintings, the traditonal tribal  lives and artifacts exhibited large in numbers. There will be performance on traditional song and dance. This time senior students and youths were invited to deliver public speeches on social issues. All of the students and youths of the Bedia tribe were invited to participate in this event where there will be healthy competitions in all above domains to popularise and to spread awareness towards General knowledge  competition were held amongst senior students mainly from colleges.

          All 10 Study  Centers  and Libraries under the umbrella of Bedia Yuva Manch  participated actively in all the events of Yuva Mahotsav-2023. The students from matriculation and below participated mainly on Science exhibition but other the events like cultural dance, songs, public speech etc. were open to all the youths and students including that of the study canters.


WhatsApp Image 2022-12-07 at 20.06.40.jpeg

Achievements 2021-22

1.Medical Aid  to Rural Jharkhand during Covid pedemic

Inspite of Education being the major trust area  of Bedia Yuva Manch, the pendemic had the compelling effect  on everyone on this  Planet and  the Yuva Manch was no exceptional and  thus it was decided to help the rural  people in a small way with its limited resourses.

         Five small medical Centres were established  in rural  area/villages of Ranchi district of Jharkhand, equipped with Oximeter ,thermometer,Sanitisers and the essential Medicines.


2.Establishing Study centres  cum Library in Rural areas

In line with our motto ,the Education is the prime objective of  Bedia Yuva Manch .We are creating an awareness as well as  atmosphere  amongst  the students of schools and Colleges of rural Jharkhand especially Ranchi,Ramgarh,Hazaribagh about values and importance of Education .Towards this we have created  9 Study Centres cum Libraries in the remote pockets  which are inaccessible and  are hardly connected through roads.

These centers are named as :

1.Dr (late) Sukhdeo Bedia Study Centre cum Library,Kusumtikra

2.Bedia Study Centre cum Library,Barwatoli,Halmad

3.Sahid Jitram Bedia Study Centre cum Library,Bisa

4.Bedia Study Centre cum Library,Tati,Angara

5.Samaj Sevi Bhola Bedia Study Center, Padriya

6.Bedia Study Centre cum Library,Sikidiri

7.Bedia Study Centre cum Library,Mosmhna

8.Bedia Study Centre cum Library,Kanjgi

9.Bedia Study Centre cum Library, Padriya


In addition to creation of facilities we are motivating both teachers as well as students for their studies as well as cultural and sports activities. Libraries are mainly for students at Metric and beyond for preparation of competitive examinations. The various Books/guides for 10th standard as well as College students are displayed here:

3. Yuva Utsav 2022 : Science Exhibition and Cultural Programs by Students

    Last year 2022 on 6th march,Yuva Utsav 2022 has been celebrated at Tati village under Angara Prakhand. The students of above Study Centres have participated in this event with vigour and  enthusiasm and exhibited their talent in all the formats of the event.The purpose of such event is to open up the tribal students and provide them a platform to exhibit their talents and thus to enable them to face the actual world. Besides, the endeavour was to create an environment and opportunity where the Students and Youth mix up together and with the successful Seniors from different walk of lives.

The main attraction of the Yuva Utsav 2022 was the Science exhibition where the  School Students exhibited their scientific and technical temperaments in the forms of Science Projects.There science  projects were on contemporary subjects



4.Celebration of Gandhi Jayanti  & Cleaning of Village

The Gandhi jayanti , 2nd October ,2022 has been celebrated by the Students in the few of the Study centres joined by the local village students.Taking inspiration from this very day the students and teachers indulged in cleaning the surroundings and local village .Also, they spreaded the massage of hygiene and sanitation amongst the villagers.On completion of sanitation and cleaning drive the students and kids of local village were offered meals

5. Counselling of Students for Academics and employment

Multiple online counselings for higher class students students were organized for their future academics/ subjects so that it would be helpful to earn the employment. The counselling was more or less employment oriented but due consideration was given to  their earnings of parents and their financial hardship. The students were mainly the keen and kith of peasant family with rural background.

6. Preparation for Metric Board examination

Various mock examinations were conducted in all the study centres for metric students  which involved setting up of question papers ,evaluation of answer copy  ,conducting examinations and advising students for improvements .Conduction and  monitoring of entire activities were through on-line sessions as the core members are residing in different parts of the country away from jharkhand, the place of happening.

7. Selection  and support to students from BPL family  of Bedia Tribe till their Graduation

 Towards the selection process many students were interviewed based on their Metric results  and three students were selected for the the economical support til Graduation degree. The students who were selected are :

  1. Chetlal Bedia,Chakorbeda village and

  2. Pinki Kumari ,Midni village .

    Note: - Only those students were considered and subjected to the selection process who were belonged to the BPL family only. 

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