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Event "Yuwa Mahotsav 2023"


Jan 29, 2023

Upcoming EventsThe Bedia Yuva Manch is celebrating its 2nd anniversary on 29th January 2023  in the form of Yuva Mahotsav-2023 is  organised at Sikidiri,  25 km from Ranchi capital of Jharkhand. There will be Science exibition  and also exhibition on Arts and Cultural of the tribe in form of Paintings, glimps of traditonal lives and artifacts. There will be performance on traditional song and dance. This time senior students and youths are invited to deliver public speeches on social issues. All of the students and youths of the Bedia tribe are invited to participate in this event where there will be healthy competitions in all above domains . to popularise and awareness towards General knowledge there will be competition amongst senior students mainly from colleges.  All 10 Study  Centers  and Libraries under the umbrella of Bedia Yuva Manch will be very actively participating in all the events of Yuva Mahotsav-2023. They are the students of matriculation and below and are participating mainly on Science exhibition but other events like cultural song, dance, public speech etc. are open for all including the study canters.

Below is the schedule of the Yuwa Mahotsav 2023

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